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Auto Packages

AutoTime Mobile Detailing Membership

Get your vehicle washed every week on a day of your choosing, for a low price of $50 a month (cars only). Trucks and Suv’s ($60) a month.  This membership includes exclusive deals and prices.

First time subscription comes with complete restoration (clay bar, compound wash, and polish, complete interior enhancement (carpet & upholstery shampoo) and headlight restoration for a one-time price of $75.

Call (225) 733-1614 to subscribe

$49.99- Premium
  • Receive 2 superior enhancement details a month

  • Comes with Accessories and Car Care products.

  • Receive weekly touchups

  • Receive a plate lunch from one of our restaurant partners when you subscribe.

$79.99- Deluxe
  • Receive 2 superior enhancement details a month.

  • Complete restoration of all interior and exterior components. (Compound and Polishing, Shampooing,)

  • Interior cleaning, (unlimited vacuum privledges)

  • Free Service incentive choice

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Free clean-up etc.
  • Free pickup and delivery of any product within 20 miles.
  • Free installation of any appliance, (refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher, gas stove, ac-unit).

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