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About Us

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About Us

Have you ever wondered if your car could be clean every time you look at it? Everyone loves the idea of their car being completely spotless at all times, but the reality is not everyone has the time to keep their car spotless 24/7. Although there are people who put essential time into keeping their car clean, a clear majority of people have jobs that require extensive hours, and at home duties like kids, groceries, exercising and more. Therefore, the cleanliness of your car is ok, but may be left to rely on the dependability of an automated carwash system. These may work for the time being, but let’s be honest once you take a drive to pick up the kids from sports practice, or you just so happen to ride through a dusty construction site, or whatever may happen, the cleanliness of your car will eventually fade away in a day or two, and it’s like your vehicle was never clean. General Goods works hard to provide the best service possible to our customers to ensure that they never again look at a dirty car.

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